Thompson center encore trigger kit

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This 5 Spring kit addresses these issues: 1 A tighter lockup by applying more force to the barrel's locking bolts. As described on the Heavy Duty Locking Bolt Spring page, the top surfaces of the locking bolts are on a slight angle. Thus more force to the locking bolts ensures a tighter lockup. This is especially important in Encore barrels which have: 1 A larger surface area on the locking bolts, 2 Far greater forces applied to the locking bolts from both the weight, and thus leverage, of the heavier Encore barrels and the far greater forces exerted from much higher intensity rounds than fired in the Contender or G2, YET Sear Springs 4, 5, 6, 7 generally require modifying the sear notch.

After installation of the Heavy Duty Locking Bolt Spring, push the locking bolts in all the way and make certain the rear most end of the locking bolts is at least flush with the end of the barrel lug. Once in awhile a locking bolt spring hole is drilled a bit shallow, and the spring will compress all the way before the locking bolts are pushed back into the lug far enough to completely clear the inside of the frame during closing the barrel.

Also, if you want a stronger lockup than the factory spring gives, but opening the barrel with an unaltered Heavy Duty Locking Bolt Spring requires more effort than you are comfortable with, you can shorten the spring some to make opening the barrel easier.

Adjust its tension to suit your needs. The G2 is slightly different, but functionally the same as the Encore, so these instructions for the Encore apply to the G2 as well. It points out the distinctions between the Encore and G2 and has updates not in the free download. In short, the hammer must be securely cocked and not readily pushed off with moderate thumb pressure, and the hammer must rebound to half cock when you remove your finger from the trigger.

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If the frame fails to pass either or both of these safety tests, corrective action MUST be taken before continuing to use the frame. They keep the spring captive and make installation quite easy. If you observe correct size die adjustment and maintain the recommended minimum headspace as described on the Bellm Headspace Indicator page linked from the menu bar to the left, and have cut only a very small amount from your hammer spring to get reliable rebounding of the hammer, the 44 pound hammer spring is a must have.

If you shoot just factory ammo or military ammo and have been getting misfires, you should definitely choose use the 51 pound spring, especially if it is related to excess headspace.

Note that installing a heavier hammer spring tends to produce a somewhat lighter pull weight due to the design of the sear and hammer mechanism. The hammer spring can be installed in one of two ways, either after fully disassembling the frame or by simply unscrewing the hex nut that the grip or buttstock screw goes into.

Remove this nut, and the hammer spring and its strut drop out. After installation of the hammer spring you MUST verify that the hammer rebounds back to half cock every time you lower the hammer and remove your finger from the trigger. If it does not rebound to half cock, cut off a little at a time until the hammer will rebound to half cock every time. There should be about. One of the main reasons for the "Speedlock" Hammer Springs is to maintain as strong or stronger hammer fall after reducing the trigger pull weight and often having to shorten the issue hammer spring so it will let the hammer rebound to half cock.

Since we have no control over whether you read the instructions we give or how you perceive the instructions, users of any of these springs assume all liability for the results they obtain. Refer to: bellmtcs.Thompson Center gun parts are born from a passion for firearms and a determination to provide uncompromised quality and design with every product. For over 50 years, Thompson Center has delivered reliable gun parts with top performance to thousands of hunting and shooting enthusiasts.

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Thompson Center Encore Trigger Job

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Made in USA. Customer Reviews. Related Links. Navigate to: Categories.Toggle navigation. This weeks topic is about performing a trigger job on your Thompson center Encore frame.

Can you do it? Will it work? Should you have it done? This is a bit on the stiff side if your trying to achieve maximum accuracy from your Encore.

Bellm No3 Spring Kit Thompson Center Arms Encore ProHunter Endeavor FX Trigger

Here is what I did. With the help of my son "Ebbs" over at hausofguns. We reviewed his DVD and decided that we could to do this work ourselves. Our goal was a 3lb trigger pull. Along with the tool kit came a printed set of instructions complete with pictures.

Results; We followed the direction to the letter, the pictures were good but difficult to discern placement of some of the very small parts.

We got it back together, without any "extra" parts, mounted it to the stockset, installed the barrel, and employed my newly purchased Lyman trigger pull guage.

It Worked! I mean not only did it function properly but the weight of the trigger pull was just a hair over 3 lbs. We performed the suggested "push off" test on the cocked hammer and it worked as well. Sounds like a happy ending, BUT, and there is always a but. The "push off" test failed. What this means is that when your rifle is reassembled, including barrel, you cock the hammer and then apply "moderate " force forward in an attempt to make the hammer fire without touching the trigger.

A very unsafe situation should the weapon fire if bumped, dropped or mishandled in any way. I discovered to be the result of the filing work done to the seer. The directions were very clear about the importance of accuracy,in the process of polishing those surfaces.

Encore/ProHunter Springs Parts Trigger Job Kits

Conclusion: Yes you can do it! I did. If you doubt your own mechanical abilities, have poor vision, hands aren't as steady as they once were, or are paranoid about safety as I am then I suggest having the process done. There are a number of quality places to have the job done and I have already mentioned a couple. Just a thought though so bare with me for a moment.

A compromise of sorts is my new approach to this work. I did a trigger job yesterday on my new frame, installed all the parts, reassembled and tested. No safety issues. And most important to me, I sleep well at night.Mass production doesn't leave time for cleaning up and tuning of trigger mechanisms. So, your original Encore, Pro Hunter, or Contender may not have as nice of a trigger pull as you'd like.

Our TC "Action Job" puts the time and skill into tuning up your action to its optimum potential. We grind sear surfaces to mate squarely, polish out seams left by the parts molding process, shim parts that need to return to the same position from shot to shot, adjust spring tensions, and set over travel screws. If you don't already have a trigger over travel screw, we will install one.

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Results are safe, clean triggers of approximately 2. Turn around time for this service is approximately weeks. Note: We do NOT need your barrel, buttstock, forend or hinge pin when you send in your action for this service.

Thank you. Add to Wish List Email a friend. Questions about this item? Ask here. Put me on the Waiting List. We have TC Encore and Contender frames, barrels, stocks, scope mounts Fixed a Major Problem on my Encore. Bought a new Pro Hunter and it had the worst trigger I had ever felt in 50 years of shooting, couldn't hold 5 moa with a barrel. Sent the receiver in and 10 days later with that same barrel my rifle I was benching 1 moa or less with Hornady TAP ammo, expect to do better with my reloads.

I'm very happy with a quality job done in a timely manner, well worth the money. I sent my Thompson Hunter in and received it back in one week.

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Great turn around time. I took my muzzleloader to the range and the first shot was fine. Reloaded for a second shot and I could not pull the hammer back.

Took primer out, unloaded, cleaned all parts and I still could not pull the hammer back. Not a good day at the range. Got home cleaned it again and put the old barrel on the frame and had no issues. Put the new muzzleloader barrel on and had no issues. Need to take it back to the range to test again. At this point not sure if it the action job or the new barrel. Sent in my action and the job was done in the same week so very quick turn around.

The difference is like night and day. Before it was really hard to pull but now it's a pleasure to shoot. I just apply a little pressure and then it just let's go My Encore had a pretty crisp trigger but it was heavier than my other guns.

After seeing eabco advertising on-line, I decided to send mine in. I am very satisfied with the work eabco did. The trigger is now crips, clean, and light like my other guns. Thank you!Gary Wiant. I want to get my trigger changed on my stock Encore trigger, I've read theverything Bellm website but I'm concerned on filing and polishing the sear how easy is it to mess up the gun?

thompson center encore trigger kit

I got have an issue with changing out the trigger parts but when it comes to filing a search I get a little stressed. I'd like to get aboutique a 2 trigger to shoot target with my. Thanks for the help. A 2 trigger is a very light trigger. In fact, it's too light for many target guns. I've owned a good number of TC Contenders over the years and at What is the weight on the trigger right now? If you're not a competent gunsmith who has experience doing trigger jobs, this can be a disaster waiting to happen.

I have some very, very accurate rifles with triggers set at 3lbs that are impressively good and the guns shoot sub moa.

Thompson Center Encore Parts

Triggers are important, but they are often over rated as the cause of poor or mediocre accuracy. If you're going to have Bellm do something to your gun, have him look at your throat and chamber. TC's are more like a funnel in that regard and this leads to erratic grouping and sometimes pretty poor accuracy. I have a TC in mag and found that to be true.

thompson center encore trigger kit

Unless your gun is close to, or over five pounds you're not going to get a significant accuracy gain playing with the trigger. I did the Belm trigger job on my Encore and found it easy and enjoyable to do.

At first I used a 4 or 5 spring I think but I found that the pull was too light for hunting; if my memory is correct I think It was around 1. I may have a 2 in now; the pull is exactly 3 pounds now and I love it.

Remove Advertisements. I also have Thompson Center Magnum barrel for the contender and the Lack of accuracy with this gun is the main reason I got the encore I was hoping the combination of the adjustable trigger and overall larger physical size of the encore would help me.

I'm a big guy 6' 7" pound and I like a heavy gun, so I'm hoping the Encore will be the answer I've been looking for.Thank you all for any help with this. Sus Scrofa and tdoyka like this. Bird Dog II. Wrongtarget is correct.

Bellm No3 Spring Kit Thompson Center Arms Encore ProHunter Endeavor FX Trigger

However, just having a good competent gunsmith stone the sear on the Encore will get you most of what you need. I did that and it made a huge difference. Then I also did the lighter spring provided by the Bellm TC as posted above. It's tedious.

thompson center encore trigger kit

I ended up going back to my original spring after a year or two. It just got to where it was TOO light with the 1. I do highly recommend Bellm's 51lb hammer spring, the Heavy Duty Locking Bolt Spring in the barrel, and the 1x hinge pin for getting the most accuracy out of an Encore. Remove Advertisements. He set mine at 3 lbs with no creep.

I would use him again, very nice fellow. Sus Scrofa. Mike Bellm sells the complete kit. The right shape stones, springs, special pliers to hold springs etc etc.

I am not a gunsmith but I read the instructions carefully and did the job on my actions myself. One bit of advice is to complete any work in replacing or removing the springs inside a large box, as one slip and you may never find that spring ever again and someone years hence will dig it up and wonder what it was for :- Bellm Unkl Chuck and tdoyka like this.

Let's pray that Mike Bellm's magic works. I haven't read anywhere where someone's was this bad or worse. It's kind of upsetting to spend close to a grand on a new muzzle loader and have this as a basis to start with. I just ordered his kit and we'll see how it works. Has anyone else gotten one this bad? I'm not holding out too much hope on this. It's a long way from where it needs to be. All of my actions where out of Fox Ridge and were not at all bad to start with.

thompson center encore trigger kit

I was hunting down on the Lone Star Camp area, with Craig Franklin many moons ago and he found the Bellm web site and having looked I ordered a kit and it was delivered to Craigs the following day, got it fitted and next time in the States I order two more sets. Cannot fault them.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

Add to Cart. While our website is brand new we have been serving the shooting sports industry for nearly 40 years with our own unique line of performance parts for the Thompson Center Single Shots. Cart 0. Bellm TCs Frames and Exclusives. Not only do we sell a complete line of replacement springs and custom tools to do the job we graciously provide the instructions and technical support to allow you to do the best job possible using our springs and custom tools.

It takes a true specialist to realize that trigger pull is not a one size fits all solution to a problem, so we custom manufacture 7 different springs for fine tuning and have multiple kits and products to choose from. Show 12 24 Trigger Job Manual tc encore prohunter g2 trigger job manual tjm. HD locking bolt spring tc encore prohunter g2 contender single. Out of stock Add to Wishlist Add to Compare. Actual Price:. Our price is lower than the manufacturer's "minimum advertised price.

You have no obligation to purchase the product once you know the price. You can simply remove the item from your cart. Shop By. Compare Products. Contact Rd. All Rights Reserved.

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